DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5309] double free or corruption while using rsync 3.0.0 stable

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Mon Mar 10 11:13:09 GMT 2008

------- Comment #2 from koloschin at  2008-03-10 06:13 CST -------
strange: if I compile rsync with "enable maintainer mode" and run the rsync
-client as root from bash, after the crash it tells me "xterm ...: Can´t open
display" for some more debug output. Why do I need a XTerm for the output?
if I run the client as non root, it tells me that -A is an unknown option....
Anyway, this is how you can reproduce the crash (hopefully):
At the source server at an xfs-partition create a folder with a default acl.
The folder should contain some files.
At the destination server sync this folder with my options (rsync -pAzbrv).
Make sure the folder with ACLs does not exist in the trash. 
To be sure rsync tries to create the folder in the trash directory, don´t use
You should notice that rsync creates the folder with ACLs in the trash dir, but
not the files in the folder. At that moment the crash happens.


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