--detect-moved patch and --link-dest

Matt langelino at gmx.net
Fri Mar 7 13:20:49 GMT 2008


I am using  --link-dest for my rotating backups.   Noticing the 
"--detect-renamed-lax"  patch to rsync 3.0.0. I was hoping to make use 
of the --detect-moved.  Unfortunately,  "--detect-moved" does not seem 
to recognize the --linkdest option.  A moved file is getting transferred 
again  and a new file is created  at the receiving end instead of 
linking to the moved file.  Am I doing something wrong or is --link-dest 
simply not supported by --detect-moved?

Here is the command I am using:

 /usr/bin/rsync -aHxh --stats --numeric-ids --detect-moved 
--link-dest=/path/to/oldbackup --password-file=/XX user at remote::module/ 

I am using a detect-rename-lax  patched version of  of  V 3.0.0 and both 

... Matt

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