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Thu Mar 6 11:08:26 GMT 2008

I had the same problem synnizing between windows and linux....when you pass
the path and has an space, you have to add a \ just before the space

("cygdrive/c/Documments\ and\ Settings"). This is because linux way to
encode file names with spaces.

I think its only in the linux path, but just play with it in source and dest

Other problem to deal with is the character conversion. Windows use
ISO8859-1 but Linux uses UTF8...when dealing with some special characters
like `, ñ, ç, etc, rsync could backup to a linux server, but not restore
from the linux server. Solution was to use rsync 3.0's new iconv feature,
where you can select  local and dest  characters set.  Using no conversion
for backing up (file names are saved as windows, so they look weird in the
linux server because linux read them as UTF8), but rsync
--iconv=ISO_8859-1,ISO_8859-1... to restore (put names in windows as windows
format and read from linux as windows also) worked well for me.

This iconv feature is present only in 3.0 so I suggest you to update.

I hope this will help you.

I've been getting the error below and the only thing I can see odd about the
directory is the ! in the directory name.  That and there is a space at the
end of the text which doesn't seem like it should be there either.  There
are no permissions issues with accessing the directory and the directory
does exist.  Does anyone know if the ! will cause a problem or will rsync
escape the special character?  Is the space at the end of the quotes a
problem with the error message or is something else going on?  I'm going
from a Windows client using cygwin to a Linux receiver/server.  I'm still
using 3.0.0pre10.

rsync: opendir "/cygdrive/j/Documents and Settings/All Users/Start
Menu/Programs/ACT! 2006 " failed: No such file or directory (2)


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