Rsync sending complete file?

Matthias Schniedermeyer ms at
Wed Mar 5 08:54:33 GMT 2008

On 04.03.2008 15:56, Some user wrote:
> Ok, long story short I have tried and tried to get a solution that I feel
> comfortable with.  I'm after an effective RAID1, but the cheap ass
> PCI-IDE-RAID card I had originally would refuse to see a HDD.  I since got a
> nicer adaptec one, same problem so I now see a problem with HDD instead off
> PCI-card (which I'm a little surprised of to be honest). This lost my
> confidence in RAID, not RAID specifically but my available implementation.
> All I am trying to stop is HDD failure loosing EVERYTHING, i have had four
> HDD's go in the last year, a 120Gb, a 300Gb and two 80's.  Almost everything
> was backed up, but still lost some stuff which annoys me as, being a geek,
> this shouldn't happen.
> So... I decided to go for Rsync.
> Upside - simple(ish), possible with nonidentical HDD's, can have more than
> one spare at a time (running a batch script safer than creating
> duplicate/backup RAID disks, also can keep one HDD offsite with parents
> etc), can be imported to another machine with no RAID
> Downside - has to be updated(prob once every other week/once a month)...
> manually, hot swapping not possible (not an issue)

I personally use a pair of eSATA HDDs for backups.

The enclosure doesn't cost very much (35 EUR + HDD in my case).

SATA hotplugging works like a charm, when you have the right chipset.
In my case that's AHCI (Intel Mainboard) which supports hotplugging for 
>1 year.

Additonally most eSATA enclosures also have a USB connector, and 
everybody(tm) has USB. So there also shouldn't be a problem with 
connectability on other peoples computers with such an enclosure.

And even if you don't have SATA/eSATA, USB is still fast enough(tm) in 
most cases!

Bis denn

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