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Tue Mar 4 23:56:37 GMT 2008

Ok, long story short I have tried and tried to get a solution that I feel
comfortable with.  I'm after an effective RAID1, but the cheap ass
PCI-IDE-RAID card I had originally would refuse to see a HDD.  I since got a
nicer adaptec one, same problem so I now see a problem with HDD instead off
PCI-card (which I'm a little surprised of to be honest). This lost my
confidence in RAID, not RAID specifically but my available implementation.

All I am trying to stop is HDD failure loosing EVERYTHING, i have had four
HDD's go in the last year, a 120Gb, a 300Gb and two 80's.  Almost everything
was backed up, but still lost some stuff which annoys me as, being a geek,
this shouldn't happen.

So... I decided to go for Rsync.
Upside - simple(ish), possible with nonidentical HDD's, can have more than
one spare at a time (running a batch script safer than creating
duplicate/backup RAID disks, also can keep one HDD offsite with parents
etc), can be imported to another machine with no RAID

Downside - has to be updated(prob once every other week/once a month)...
manually, hot swapping not possible (not an issue)

Bearing in mind down time more than acceptable, also I dont care if this
takes a long time, I will probably be asleep, and I dont care about the
MOBO-CPU, these are cheap surplus stuff from my employer. I would rather
loose 10x mobo-cpu than one HDD.

File status:
As I said, this is to eliminate HDD failure, so speed not an issue.  

I have setup things here with one power hungry machine, lots of ram etc,
this will host VM's.  Another machine is low power usage (aimed for 50W ish,
one stick of RAM, two HDD's and expensive earth thingy antec psu).  The file
server will be on almost 24/7... may even host simple FTP/web server etc.  
The other machine will be VM-GSX just with a few VM's, mainly a DC and SP1
XP machine (I am studying into security etc) so these need to be VM's to
revert to when things go wrong.

So copying files will be occasional (weekly at best), performance not an
issue as long as its all usable, I will prob use Rsync hash's to really
double check its done properly, erm, think thats all.  

I feel 'almost comfortable' with setup, but if you can think of anything I
have missed would be more than grateful to hear them.

Kind Regards

Matt McCutchen-7 wrote:
> On Sun, 2008-03-02 at 03:05 -0800, Some user wrote:
>> (PS - I'm after doing this as a lot of my files are 2gig VM files, and I
>> don't want the odd small config change to mean lots if usage on second
>> drive, would rather the CPU get pushed than the HDD, CPU more convenient
>> to
>> replace lol).
> If you could be more specific, I might be able to help you improve the
> performance in the way you desire.  Are you keeping just one copy of the
> source files on the destination, or multiple copies over time?  What
> kind of "usage" of the destination disk to you want to reduce: disk I/O
> traffic or space usage?
> Matt
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