crypting remote data

david reinares reinareslara at
Tue Mar 4 09:05:07 GMT 2008

I don't know if this is the propper place to ask for new funcionality, but
after searching the website i didn't find another place to do it.
I'm very sorry if I`m asking this in the wrong place.

It would be greatful to have crypting funcionality added to rsync, appart
from using ssh to crypt transmissions.

I know this is not the original purpose for rsync, but anyway it's a fact
that many people need (at least i need, I hope I'm not alone)
additional security features for offsite backups, like having the data
crypted at remote, but not at source, so the problem is crypting the data
and then syncronizing it.

I've programmed a wrapper in java that do it, but it's very time and
resources consuming. The idea was to copy file by file in a temp dir, crypt
the file, rsync it, and delete the file.
I go from top to down sending the source (subdirs). About sending the data
file by file, the question is many times we have very large files and/or
very large dirs, so imposing the user to have the same amount of free space
that he/she wants to send it's not a good idea I guess. It isn't a bad
solution, but neither a good one. Perfect should be having support to it
from rsync.

It is just an idea to improve rsync.

Thank you very much in advance and again sorry if this wasn't the list to
post a request.
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