Passed all tests with flying colors on Mac OS X 10.4.11 - synopsis of installation and testing

Rob Rye rye at
Mon Mar 3 21:33:10 GMT 2008

Awesome work Wayne. I have been following the various threads about  
running rsync 3.0.0 on MacOS X 10.4.11 and wanted to confirm that  
following all the various bits of advice yields a clean running rsync  
(as tested by backup bouncer).

I am running MacOS X 10.4.11 on PPC. The following is a synopsis of  
my installation procedure (as gathered from the various emails in the  
archive) - note that I had trouble with crtimes.diff and went back to  
osx-create-time.diff. Please let me know if I have included anything  
spurious or missed something critical (though I am pleased that  
everything worked)...

I downloaded the source (3.0.0 release) and the patches (as posted on  
the front page as of this morning). I then added the patch Wayne  
provided called fileflags-fixes.diff (not in the folder when I  
downloaded it anyway)

patch -p1 < patches/osx-create-time.diff
    patch -p1 < patches/fileflags.diff
    patch -p1 < patches/fileflags-fixes.diff
    ./prepare-source (spurious? it did not seem to do anything...)
    patch -p1 < patches/backup-dir-dels.diff
    make test
    sudo make install

I then used backup bouncer to test the installation:

cd into backup bouncer folder
./bbouncer create-vol Src
./bbouncer create-vol Dst
./bbouncer create /Volumes/Src
sudo rsync -aHAX --force-change /Volumes/Dst/ /Volumes/Src/
Finally, I ran the tests

./bbouncer verify -d /Volumes/Src /Volumes/Dst
Verifying:    basic-permissions ... ok
Verifying:           timestamps ...
    Sub-test:    modification time ... ok
Verifying:             symlinks ... ok
Verifying:    symlink-ownership ... ok
Verifying:            hardlinks ... ok
Verifying:       resource-forks ... ok
Verifying:         finder-flags ... ok
Verifying:         finder-locks ... ok
Verifying:        creation-date ... ok
Verifying:            bsd-flags ... ok
Verifying:       extended-attrs ...
    Sub-test:             on files ... ok
    Sub-test:       on directories ... ok
    Sub-test:          on symlinks ... ok
Verifying: access-control-lists ...
    Sub-test:             on files ... ok
    Sub-test:              on dirs ... ok
Verifying:                 fifo ... ok
Verifying:              devices ... ok
Verifying:          combo-tests ...
    Sub-test:  xattrs + rsrc forks ... ok
    Sub-test:     lots of metadata ... ok

Everything looks great. Thanks to Wayne and all those who have tested  
and refined this. I confess I am one of the myriad freeloaders who  
have been sitting back waiting for all of you to do the heavy  
lifting. I am a frequent beta tester on many open source projects,  
but I just don't have the guts to participate in such testing on a  
backup utility/app. So, I am thrilled to have a fully functional,  
modern, backup app for my Mac without having gone through the  
heartaches inherent in participating in the testing.


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