--append option description in manpage typo

Paul Slootman paul+rsync at wurtel.net
Mon Mar 3 14:34:30 GMT 2008

I just noticed, too late )-:

              This  causes  rsync  to update a file by appending data onto the
              end of the file, which  presumes  that  the  data  that  already
              exists  on the receiving side is identical with the start of the
              file on the sending side.  Any files that are the same  size  or
              shorter  on  the  receiving size are skipped.  Files that do not
              yet exist on the receiving side are also sent,  since  they  are
              considered  to  have  0 length.  Implies --inplace, but does not
              conflict with --sparse (since it is always  extending  a  file's

s/receiving size are skipped/receiving side are skipped/

I'm still confused though...

If files that are shorter on the receiving side are skipped, how is it
possible that rsync updates a file by appending data onto the end?
Presumably that appending of data takes place on the receiving side.

However, if only files that are longer on the receiving side are
transferred, then how can those files be transferred by appending data?

Paul Slootman

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