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david reinares reinareslara at
Mon Mar 3 10:14:12 GMT 2008

I'm programming an aplication to remote backup using rsync. The user has the
option to crypt the files before sending them, but that options is causing
us a lot of problems.
We can´t crypt the original content, so we do a temporal copy. The problem
is we just cant copy all files at the same time if they are big enough, so
if a folder is bigger tan a size prefixed by the user, we copy file by file,
crypt the file, send it and delete the crypted copy. That way it's imposible
to delete files removed from source....Is there any way to run rsync to
create a file list and just delete files not present at source?...but
without sending diferences..that way I can send file by file, and after that
compare clear folders at source against crypted folders at destiny and get
files deleted

Thank you very much
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