link-dest storage saving on backup server not on usb hard drive

fglos feglos at
Wed Jun 25 18:22:22 GMT 2008

I have setup rsync to backup another linux computer with the link-dest option
and realized storage savings.  1st backup is 31gb, daily backups only take
approx 4gb. But when I rsync with link-dest to usb external drive all
backups take up 31gb.  Following is 1st the one that works and 2nd with no
storage savings.  Any ideas?  Thanks, Frank

d=`date +%d`
date > $d.log
root at aebkup:/aeprodbk/$d >>$d.log
rsync --exclude-from=/root/bkup_excludes -avz --delete -e "ssh -i
/root/cron/aebkup-rsync-key" --link-dest=/aeprodbk/current root at aeprod:/
/aeprodbk/$d >>$d.logdate > /aeprodbk/$d/bkupdate
rm -f /aeprodbk/current
ln -s /aeprodbk/$d /aeprodbk/current

2nd script with no storage saving
d=`date +%d`
cd $dsk
date > /usb$d.log
rsync --exclude-from=/root/bkup_excludes -av --delete
--link-dest=$dsk/current /aeprodbk/$d $dsk >> /usb$d.log
rm -f $dsk/current
ln -s $dsk/$d $dsk/current

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