--delete and --files-from

Aaron Davies aaron.davies at gmail.com
Wed Jun 25 20:26:08 GMT 2008

I want to maintain mirror of a sliding window of the last N  
subdirectories of a particular directory. My first attempt was to use  
ls -t|head to generate a list of dirs to pass to --files-from (with -- 
recursive). It's working nicely to add the new files to the mirror  
each day, but --delete isn't removing the old files (which are now  
which are now outside the window and not in the --files-from file).

My guess is that the subdirectories of the target directory not  
mentioned in the --files-from file are not considered part of the sync  
and are thus not considered for deletion. (Whereas if there were files  
in directory inside the window that were present only on the remote  
end, they *would* be deleted.) Am I correct in this analysis? How  
would you suggest I fix this?

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