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Matt McCutchen matt at
Mon Jun 23 14:38:30 GMT 2008

On Mon, 2008-06-23 at 12:55 +0530, Madan Kumar wrote:
> I need to know the details of "save transfer" command using rsync.
> What is the purpose of using this command. 
> Can we save only the diffs of files using this command?

The "support/savetransfer" program dumps all the data exchanged between
the rsync client and server to a file.  It is really designed only for
debugging.  If you want to save the diffs in a form that you can replay
later, use a batch file (see the "BATCH MODE" section of the rsync man

> Does it works on stand alone system? 
> Please give me the syntax this command for stand alone system as i
> want to back up of one directory to another directory(these may be in
> different partition of hard disk). 

To use savetransfer with source and destination on the same machine, use
the fake remote shell "support/lsh" that comes in the rsync source tree.
The examples at the top of savetransfer.c become:

rsync -av --rsh="savetransfer -i /tmp/to.server lsh" \
	--rsync-path="savetransfer -i /tmp/from.client rsync" \

rsync -av --rsh="savetransfer -o /tmp/from.server lsh" \
	--rsync-path="savetransfer -o /tmp/to.client rsync" \

where one of SOURCE, DEST (but not both) begins with "localhost:".
Adjust the paths to savetransfer and lsh as necessary.

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