pre/post-xfer exec not executed ?

Loïc opensource at
Mon Jun 23 12:43:50 GMT 2008

Matt McCutchen a écrit :
> All of that looks fine.  Is there anything relevant in rsyncd.log?  Run
> the rsync daemon under "strace -f" to see whether it is attempting to
> execute the pre-xfer and post-xfer scripts and, if so, what the outcome
> is.
> Matt

Thanks for your help, pre and post-xfer were indeed executed but 
contained errors (I totally forgot to change the logdir so they weren't 
logging anything :P). Using strace I managed to understand what happened 
and fix them.

I'm very sorry not to have checked the scripts before. I even saw 
recently a feature request of people wanting rsync to log pre and 
post-xfer errors, and I hope this F.R. will come soon :D

Thanks again for your help !


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