DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5520] Rsync cannot copy to a vfat partition on Linux kernel 2.6.25+

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Sat Jun 14 21:26:55 GMT 2008

------- Comment #2 from piskozub at  2008-06-14 16:26 CST -------
Changing the mount options and/or rsyncing as root did not help in my original
tests. But I probably missed a thing with the options reporting they do not
affect the problem (see below).

I did more tests today under the newest Fedora 9 kernel
You are right about the options. This happens only with -p (or -a which is
probably why I missed it before). I actually could successfully sync the vfat
partition replacing -a with -rt (because I did not need the other components of
-a on a FAT partition, anyway).

This means there is a simple workaround but still either rsync or the kernel
should be MHO modified to avoid the -p problem.

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