rsync and running scripts

becca23 ronumber23 at
Wed Jun 11 13:48:49 GMT 2008

Would you do this using the ssh -s option? also, would this run the script
before or after rsync completes?

Michal Soltys-2 wrote:
> becca23 wrote:
>> I'm using the rsync protocol to keep a windows and linux system mirrored.
>> I
>> have set up the rsync and ssh to run properly, but I would like to know
>> if
>> there is an option, whether in the rsync command or placed in the
>> rsyncd.conf file where I can call a script that runs each time rsync
>> executes? The reason i need to do this is to change the
>> groups/permissions
>> of files when they are transferred over. I could just set this script to
>> run
>> every minute or so, but I would rather strive for accuracy by just having
>> it
>> run every time rsync completes a run through.
> What about initiating the transfer on the receiving side ? This way - a 
> script and a cron job (or some batch file and task scheduler, if it's on 
> windows side) would do the thing nicely. Or if it must be sending side, 
> just ssh remote command (script) to do any cleanup you might need after 
> rsync transfer completes.
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