DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5532] rsync / autoconf fails to detect libiconv on Solaris 10

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Tue Jun 10 14:43:39 GMT 2008

------- Comment #1 from wayned at  2008-06-10 09:43 CST -------
Rsync does not require iconv to build, so something has to be confusing
configure.  The use of /usr/local/lib may indeed need to be manually specified
if it is not in the default load path of the system, and that won't change
(since it is not rsync's place to override the default load path for the system
without being told to do so, and you can set your system's default load path to
include /usr/local/lib if you so desire).

As for the build error, configure must have found iconv_open when doing an
earlier check (one that doesn't look to see if it needs an extra library), as
that is the only time that rsync tries to compile the iconv-using code.  If
that is the case, HAVE_ICONV_OPEN will be defined in config.h, and no -liconv
will be specified in the Makefile.  If you could figure out why the configure
check manages to build its iconv_open test without a library, yet rsync fails
to link, we could hopefully get HAVE_ICONV_OPEN to be disabled when the
function is not really available.

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