DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5529] Use commas in displayed numbers

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Tue Jun 10 11:39:06 GMT 2008

------- Comment #2 from jamie at  2008-06-10 06:39 CST -------
Fwiw, printf() _does_ insert commas if you ask for it - as a GNU extension.  So
suitable for GNU/Linux and some other environments.

Write something like %'lld - the apostrophe modifier character asks for
'thousands grouping character'.

It is locale-dependent.  Some locales use '.' to separate thousands, some have
a different number of digits per group, and some don't do grouping.

To do it somewhat portably, use localeconv(), nl_langinfo() and/or strfmon(). 
The GNU libc manual explains (among other places).

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