rsync --delete (but not all files) question

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Tue Jun 10 10:03:23 GMT 2008

Hi all,

getting started with rsync.  One of the best utilities I've used!  My
question is:

I am syncing from my local web development directory (/var/www/mysite) to
another drive shared by our dev team.  The copy I am syncing to is a local
subversion repository, and thus contains .svn directories.

So I want to sync from the dev directory (which doesn't have .svn
directories) to one that does.  However, I want to use the --delete option
for all files and directories *other* than these .svn directories.  I want
to keep the .svn directories as is, but otherwise sync the two directories
exactly, erasing files that no longer appear in the source directory.

I am also using an --exclude-from file to remove emacs (~) backup files and
such things.

I have something like:

rsync -va --delete --exclude-from=$EXCLUDES_FILE --stats /var/www/mysite

I'm not sure how to use --delete and still keep certain files / dirs (those
.svn dirs).

Any help would be appreciate.


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