Feature request: backup-max-size param

Rubén Clérigo ruben at nroot.info
Thu Jul 31 16:44:57 GMT 2008


I have started to use rsync to backup my personal files to a server. I 
keep my mirrored files on a server folder called /uptodate and (I use 
--backup option) the changes from last backup are moved by rsync to  
/changes-20080731 (for example). This is great, and it lets me keep 
several versions of my files.

The problem is that I cannot backup large files that way, because if I 
backup for example my email inbox file (nearly 2GB), every day I get a 
2GB file on the /changes-XXXXXX folder. This would fill my disk very 
quick and is useless as the difference with the uptodate version of 
those files is just a few KBs from each day's messages.

I know I can control file sizes with --max-size, but my problem is not 
on transfer but on backing up at the server. Would it be possible to 
specify not to back up files larger than a given size?

Thank you in advance for considering my request.

Great job, keep at it.

Best regards.


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