Yet another rsync incremental thread

macuserfr macuserfr at
Tue Jul 29 12:42:32 GMT 2008

I've made a simpler test:

freenas:~# cat /var/etc/rsyncd.conf
syslog facility = local4
list = no
port = 873
pid file = /var/run/
uid = rsync

comment = Sauvegarde du serveur ANM
path = /mnt/data/serveuranm/
list = true
max connections = 0
read only = false
uid = serveuranm
gid = rsync
post-xfer exec = echo RSYNC_HOST_NAME >& /var/log/timestamp.log

With this, I should see RSYNC_HOST_NAME on my timestamp.log after  
rsync runs, no? But nothing happens. My log file still empty...

But with

	post-xfer exec = echo RSYNC_HOST_NAME > /var/log/timestamp.log

It works! When I run rsync, RSYNC_HOST_NAME appears on timestamp.log!

So I deduct that rsync calls a sh shell and not tcsh (I only have  
those on my box).

Then I tried with

	post-xfer exec = /mnt/data/ $RSYNC_HOST_NAME > /var/log/ 
timestamp.log 2 >&1

It calls my script but without argument as I receive an error from my  
script in the log:

	Usage: /mnt/data/ <name_of_backuped_host>

But it's OK, from here I know what to do by myself. Thanks Matt, as  
always pointing on the good direction. When I'll be big, I wanna be  
like you ;)

Best regards,


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