Remote Differential Compression comparative run

Rob Bosch robbosch at
Fri Jul 25 23:49:32 GMT 2008

I ran an rsync test using the RDC program that comes with the Server 2008
SDK.  The RDC program is a simple program to demonstrate Microsoft's Remote
Differential Compression algorithm.  It uses the API for RDC to copy a file
across a WAN/LAN connection.  The program, as-is, has little functionality
and a lot of limitations but I thought it might be fun to test. I compiled
the RDC code as-is using Visual Studio 2008.  

A run on an 80GB file took approximately 14.75 hours to transfer the file
across a gigabit LAN.  The same run using rsync 3.0.3 took 1.62 hours.  The
rsync run used cygwin for both the client and server with the preallocate
patch applied.

I'm not sure this is a fair comparison given the rudimentary application
used for RDC but it sure looks like rsync blows away RDC.


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