using the -n option w/o -v

Wayne Davison wayned at
Fri Jul 25 23:15:00 GMT 2008

On Fri, Jul 25, 2008 at 12:24:08PM -0700, michael at wrote:
> Discovered that the -n option had been changed to not work unless
> -v is added.

No, -n works fine w/o -v, as it shows you exactly what would be output
by the command if -n were not specified.  This is a fix over earlier

> This of course adds text to the output so that instead of a nice
> clean list of files that would be slated for transfer [...]

I don't know what you were seeing, because the old implying of the -v
option by -n behaves exactly the same as if -v were manually specified,
and that includes the outputting of headers and footers.

If you want to only get names w/o other verbose output, you can always
use --out-format='%n%L' explicitly (which is part of what is implied by
-v), and rsync will output the names w/o other verbosity.  You could
alternately use -i, which will output what is changing prior to the
names (using a cryptic character matrix), which allows you to see the
changes in attributes, as well as the files that will be transferred.


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