dbmoron at dbmoron at
Thu Jul 24 15:29:12 GMT 2008

Hello, I am interested in work with rsync in .net platform. In fact I need
to work with a Linux server. Could you send me your code?

Thanks, I will tell you how it works in my application.


On 2006-03-19 22:26, Alex Pedenko wrote:
> All,
>     I wrote a port of rsync to c# / .net. If there is interest in
> this, I'd be happy to make the code available. The current code will
> send synchronize with a linux rsync server, and can run in daemon mode
> on windows (I've made even a windows service wrapper for it). It's far
> from clean, and far from perfect, but it works and can be a good
> starting point.
> Please let me know,
> Thanks,
> alex
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