pipe cretion failure

Raja Vonna raja at availon.com
Tue Jul 22 02:51:38 GMT 2008


I am using cwRsync on windows xp and getting following error when I start
the rsync client to do local copy. Looks like some kind of permission issue.
Any configuration to be done on windows or rsync side?

C:\Program Files\cwRsync\bin>rsync -tvvvv ..\license.txt ..\dest
cmd=<NULL> machine=<NULL> user=<NULL> path=..\dest
cmd[0]=. cmd[1]=..\dest
rsync: pipe: Operation not permitted (1)
_exit_cleanup(code=14, file=pipe.c, line=121): entered
rsync error: error in IPC code (code 14) at pipe.c(121) [sender=3.0.2]
_exit_cleanup(code=14, file=pipe.c, line=121): about to call exit(14)

thanks in advance
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