some files could not be transferred (code 23) at main.c (1506)

Charles Marcus CMarcus at
Fri Jul 11 19:32:26 GMT 2008

On 7/11/2008 3:11 PM, Jeff MacDonald wrote:
>>> I'm trying to rsync a fairly large chunk of data [around 350 gigs,
>>> mostly 1 gig files] between 2 hosts in separate colo facilities. Link
>>> is plenty fast, I can pull 10 megs easily.
>>> Everytime, it seems to die with something like this, whether I try
>>> rsync from the stable 2 branch or the beta 3 branch

>> With that many large files, my first guess would be not enough RAM?

 > Hrmmm not sure , the linux machine has 512 megs and the solaris 2
 > gigs. i guess teh solaris machine has nothing to do with this tho.

What version of rsync at each end?


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