DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5607] 3.0.2 client won't cooperate with 2.6.9 server

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Thu Jul 10 22:01:05 GMT 2008

------- Comment #2 from wayned at  2008-07-10 17:01 CST -------
As the thread that Matt pointed out mentions, -e is completely safe as long as
the command has the --server option.  The rrsync script requires it to be the
first option on the command-line, which is an easy check and works for normal
cases (and can even work with someone who is passing --rsync-path="rsync
--options" as long as the user specifies their own --server option as the first

One thing that rsync 3 could be improved to do is to omit that "e..." sequence
if --protocol=29 is specified.  That would at least make it easy for a user to
communicate with an overly restrictive server that won't update their software.

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