Handful of files are giving me error 13, directory executable bit issue

mike mike503 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 7 00:54:06 GMT 2008

On 7/6/08, Matt McCutchen <matt at mattmccutchen.net> wrote:

> It's almost always a mistake for a directory to grant a user class
> (owner, group, or world) read permission without the corresponding
> execute permission.  I recommend that you chmod the nonexecutable source
> directories and fix whatever program created them.  If you don't want to
> do that, you could pass --chmod=Dugo+X to have rsync create destination
> directories with all the execute permissions on, regardless of the
> source permissions.  (You may have to fix existing destination
> directories by hand.)

Thanks. That might be the fix, if this continues to happen.

Actually, what happened was it created the local directory, without
the +x bit set. But I was running it as the owner, which should mean I
can still read/write/etc. to it. It seems like whatever system call or
sanity check rsync runs might not work correctly, because I could
manipulate and create files without an issue, but when running rsync
it failed on all the files underneath the non-x'ed directory.

To fix I removed them on the destination (local) side, chmod +x'ed all
the dirs on the server side, and re-ran it. Now I get no errors at
least, but who knows what mistakes the programmers will make in the
future that I am backing up...

I am trying to determine if "-p" or "--perms" is the right switch
instead -E (I guess I do want to retain permissions after all) but I
want to -fix- the broken ones. Would that --chmod line above resolve

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