Rsync "roadmap" and version numbering (3.1.0 vs 3.0.4)

Giuliano Gavazzi dev+lists at
Sat Jul 5 10:01:18 GMT 2008

On S 5 Jul, 2008, at 04:36 , Matt McCutchen wrote:

> Those patches are Mac-specific, so I'm pretty sure they won't go into
> the main rsync, but it would make sense to include them in  
> packagings of
> rsync for Mac OS X.  The two main packagings I know of are from Fink  
> and
> MacPorts:
> It appears that the Fink package includes the patches but the MacPorts
> one doesn't; someone should encourage the MacPorts people to add the
> patches.

some people stay rightly away from either Fink and MacPorts, as these  
are quite far from a vanillla MacOSX. I certainly don't use them and  
still can build and install all that I need from sources. It would  
make sense to keep those patches in the source in some system specific  
directory (or in a contrib directory).


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