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Hi Developers,

i  have a problem with syncing relative paths (-r) on remote host.

Using relative paths the local way does function perfectly, because you
are able to change the directory before synchronisation.


cd pathToRelativePaths;
rsync -R.... -e "....." localpath1/ localpath2/ user at host:/destpath

That works because you are able to switch to the directory where the
"relative paths" localpath1 localpath2 are present.


rsync -R.... -e "...." user at remotehost::localpath1/ ::localpath2/ /localdestpath

In this case, i have no idea, how to switch to the "root path" on "remotehost" to
to get the "relative" direcories because I'm at the local machine. On remote I
certainly wind up on the users home directory which is not equal to the "root path".

Hint: I can not use absolute paths !

Does anyone have an idea how to "change" to a directory on remote maschine
to use relative paths (-R) ?

Thanks for your efforts.

Best Regards


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