--partial replaces destination file on interrupted transfer

Rob Bosch robbosch at msn.com
Wed Jan 30 15:36:52 GMT 2008

I had a case where I was using the --partial option (client is running
rsync-pre5, server daemon is rsync-pre8).  The transfer was interrupted and
the partially transferred file replaced the destination file on the server.
My understanding is that the partially transferred file would be kept but it
would not replace the destination file...that is, both files would be kept
so that rsync could pick up where it left off.

Client - rsync-pre5 with preallocation.diff, ignore-case.diff patches
applied running on cygwin
Server - rsync-pre8 with ignore-case.diff patch applied, running on CentOS 5
Full client command line options: -ruvity --partial --super --ignore-case
--ignore-errors --stats --delete-during --exclude-from=DiffExclude.txt


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