rsync version executable for Debian

Paul Slootman paul+rsync at
Wed Jan 30 08:42:36 GMT 2008

On Wed 30 Jan 2008, Chris A Harris wrote:
> I will wait for a Debian package and extract the file; I do
> not have enough experience to compile from source.

You can download an rsync .deb via
(be sure to select the correct distribution). You can then extract the
contents of the package with:
    dpkg-deb --extract rsync*.deb destdir/
destdir/usr/bin/rsync will then be the executable you want.
Note that you may run into problems with additional shared libraries
that rsync needs, e.g. libacl1, libpopt0; if they're not already
installed, you need to download those as well and get creative with

Have you asked your hoster whether he is willing to install rsync?
I'm surprised, actually, that rsync isn't already installed. I wonder
how he makes his backups. (There are of course alternatives, but esp.
for a hosting server rsync is very useful.)

Paul Slootman

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