accurate progress for UI

Robert DuToit rdutoit at
Tue Jan 29 19:25:24 GMT 2008

Hi All,
I made a Mac UI application and am running rsync 3 from "do shell  
script" (applescript) and am trying to parse the output so I can get a  
progress bar to give a fairly true reading of size , or # of files,  
copied. I notice that the output reads for example,

..... 1650 of 8345 files to copy

and then later

....30 of  11345  files to copy

and eventually down to

....1 of  18000  files to copy

So I get the idea that rsync 3 is reading in "batches" or at least  
doesn't give the total # of files up front (like apple rsync or rsyncx  
does with a true % ) so you get  what looks like an exaggerated fast  
beginning on the progress bar which then slows to a crawl as it nears  
the finish line.

Is there any way to get progress to give a more overall picture. I  
tried --stats which didn't work at all and -v and of course -- 
progress. Just wondering if I have missed something.

Thanks, Rob D

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