rsync ignores include rule - analogic to other that works

Julian Davchev jmut at
Tue Jan 29 13:01:32 GMT 2008

I have this rsync to backup specific directories from one PC to another
in local network.
All is working smooth except for /storage dir. I just don't get why as I
am using
exact same why as I do for other dirs that work.

I see that it matches it like e.g
[sender] showing directory /storage because of pattern /storage/

But then again there is no /storage/** like for etc for example.
[sender] showing directory /etc because of pattern /etc/
[sender] showing file /etc/csh.login because of pattern /etc/**

So at the end /storage dir is created but no content inside. Is it
possible reason
that it is too huge and/or too many files inside? But I don't see any
error on -vv

Here is script I use

export RSYNC_RSH="ssh -o Compression=no -x";
rsync -aHvx  \
        --include-from=backup.includes \
        --progress --numeric-ids --delete \
         --delete-excluded --relative --verbose \
        / root at

+ /etc/
+ /etc/**
+ /var/
+ /var/log/
+ /var/log/**
+ /root/
+ /root/**
+ /usr/
+ /usr/local/
+ /usr/local/**
+ /storage/
+ /storage/**
- *

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