Making rsync compile under Mac OS X 10.3.9 with extended attributes

Vitorio Machado v.machado at
Mon Jan 28 08:07:04 GMT 2008

Thanks for all this info, it's very helpful to concentrate me on what  
is to be done and not distracting with details...
Code will be much simpler with only 3 attributes to care about.
I've just looked at the osx-create-time.diff (I know, you said me to  
read it many time ago...), things are much clearer on why an rsync  
name for creation date and how using getattrlist. If you think this  
model is ok, I will code OS X.3- in the same way to have an easier  
code to read/maintain as conventions are the same.
Well, things seem to go on :)

I don't think I will have time to work on this today, but if somebody  
wants, feel free to take my draft and do some work on it ( http:// ). And you have maybe a  
CVS or SVN thing to share the code, I'm new in collective projects  
and don't really know about it, but I'm not opposed at all to create  
a central repository for this mini-project of patch to OS X.3-.

Best regards,


Le 28 janv. 08 à 05:44, Matt McCutchen a écrit :

> On Sun, 2008-01-27 at 15:38 +0100, Vitorio Machado wrote:
>> So I've started trying to put some code on sysxattrs.c. I've created
>> another case as suggested by Matt:
> I would suggest creating a subcase inside HAVE_OSX_XATTRS instead of a
> completely separate case because both 10.3 and 10.4+ need the creation
> time exposure code that is currently in osx-create-time.diff .
>> Well, should I put in this list all the attributes or only ressource
>> fork related?
>> I also see attributes like creation, modification, access date that
>> can be retrieved by a stat call.
>> Do rsync do this stat call for other attributes or do I have to copy
>> this data to?
>> In other words, which extended attributes are important to preserve?
>> My preoccupation is with doing 2 times the same job, but also with
>> compatibility with newer versions. I would like to patch it the best
>> way possible (if there is no significant coding difference).
> For now, I suggest that you focus on the creation time, the resource
> fork, and the finder info; those seem to be the major things people  
> care
> about that rsync doesn't already preserve other ways.  For now,  
> let's do
> it the dumb way and use a separate getattrlist call for each.  In the
> future, for improved performance, we could look into using a single
> getattrlist per file to get both the stat data and all the Mac- 
> specific
> stuff at once, or even getdirentriesattr to get names and  
> attributes for
> everything in a directory at once.
> Matt

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