Making rsync compile under Mac OS X 10.3.9 with extended attributes

Vitorio Machado v.machado at
Sun Jan 27 17:56:55 GMT 2008

Bad news:
"The getattrlist function retrieves the metadata associated with a  
file. The getxattr function, added in Mac OS X v10.4, retrieves  
extended attributes" 

So getattrlist will work for metadata (finder info, type/creator,  
etc), but not for the resource fork. Maybe that's why the 2.5.5  
version patched used cp system calls.

I'm trying to find out now if there is  more elegant way to do it  
instead of cp the /rsrc fork. As always, your suggestions are welcome :)


Le 27 janv. 08 à 18:23, Vitorio Machado a écrit :

> Hi again...
> Well, I started coding an interface for getattrlist but I can't  
> find any attribute in the list of the man page that seems to be the  
> Resource Fork. I think in mac pre10.4 there was another way to get  
> it, and it wasn't considered like an extended attribute. Someone  
> have more info on this?
> Vitorio
> Le 27 janv. 08 à 12:49, Matt McCutchen a écrit :
>> Also remember that, since Mac OS before 10.4 doesn't support  
>> arbitrarily
>> named xattrs, only a few {get,set}xattr calls have {get,set}attrlist
>> equivalents, namely those that access "",
>> "", or "" (the rsync- 
>> specific name
>> for the creation time).
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