Making rsync compile under Mac OS X 10.3.9 with extended attributes

Vitorio Machado v.machado at
Sun Jan 27 17:23:06 GMT 2008

Hi again...
Well, I started coding an interface for getattrlist but I can't find  
any attribute in the list of the man page that seems to be the  
Resource Fork. I think in mac pre10.4 there was another way to get  
it, and it wasn't considered like an extended attribute. Someone have  
more info on this?


Le 27 janv. 08 à 12:49, Matt McCutchen a écrit :

> Also remember that, since Mac OS before 10.4 doesn't support  
> arbitrarily
> named xattrs, only a few {get,set}xattr calls have {get,set}attrlist
> equivalents, namely those that access "",
> "", or "" (the rsync-specific  
> name
> for the creation time).

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