Making rsync compile under Mac OS X 10.3.9 with extended attributes

Vitorio Machado v.machado at
Sun Jan 27 14:38:45 GMT 2008

First of all, thanks to Matt for all this help. It makes my job much  
easier :)

So I've started trying to put some code on sysxattrs.c. I've created  
another case as suggested by Matt:


And I'm trying to convert getxattr system calls to getattrlist. But I  
have some doubts, hope you can help me.
As I understood the getxattr system call gives you ALL the extended  
attributes (in the limit of the size of the buffer that you given).
In getattrlist you provides a list of which attributes you want...
Well, should I put in this list all the attributes or only ressource  
fork related?
I also see attributes like creation, modification, access date that  
can be retrieved by a stat call.
Do rsync do this stat call for other attributes or do I have to copy  
this data to?
In other words, which extended attributes are important to preserve?

My preoccupation is with doing 2 times the same job, but also with  
compatibility with newer versions. I would like to patch it the best  
way possible (if there is no significant coding difference).

Best regards,


PS: man pages for getxattr and getattrlist are http:// 
getxattr.2.html and 

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