Making rsync compile under Mac OS X 10.3.9 with extended attributes

Robert DuToit rdutoit at
Sat Jan 26 00:56:19 GMT 2008

Hi all,
Somewhat along the same lines, I wanted to see if rsync 3 would work  
on Mac OS10.3X so I made a test partition and installed 10.3.2 on it  
( no updates around). I then installed xcode 1.5 and with a fresh copy  
of rsync 3.0.0pre8 and tried ./configure which worked fine. When I  
tried "make" however I got the following error:

Robert-DuToits-Computer:~/rsync-3.0.0pre8 robertdutoit$ make
perl ./ ./*.c ./lib/compat.c
Failed to create rounding.h!
make: *** [rounding.h] Error 1

Does anyone have an idea how to make this work or if anyone has had  
success with OS10.3X and rsync 3?

Thanks,  Rob DuToit

On Jan 25, 2008, at 11:45 AM, Vitorio Machado wrote:

> Le 24 janv. 08 à 16:30, Matt McCutchen a écrit :
>> On Thu, 2008-01-24 at 13:25 +0100, Vitorio Machado wrote:
>>> Somebody knows if it's possible to compile rsync (version 3 would be
>>> great, but can be 2.6.x) under Mac OS X 10.3.9 with extended
>>> attributes?
>>> I have tried to compile rsync from source but the problem I found is
>>> that the xattr patch seems to need the acl patch. But 10.3 doesn't
>>> have the ACL support so doesn't provides the expected headers and  
>>> the
>>> make command fails.
>> In rsync 3, support for preserving acls and xattrs is in the trunk  
>> and
>> the "acls" and "xattrs" patches just add acl and xattr protocol
>> compatibility with older versions of rsync.  Thus, you probably don't
>> need to apply either patch.  Try compiling rsync 3.0.0pre8 without
>> patches, and if you still run into problems, post the exact error
>> message(s).
>> Matt
> First of all, thanks for your interest in my problem.
> I will post precise error repport next week, I'm not at work at the  
> moment.
> The problem is that apparently xattr code depends on ACL code. But  
> Mac OS X 10.3.9 doesn't have the needed API (gcc doesn't find  
> headers about ACL code in the system).
> On a fresh downloaded source of rsync 3.0.0pre8 I've tried:
> 1) ./configure -> configuration completes fine without error
>    make -> error on acl header as described (will report the precise  
> error next week)
> 2) ./configure --disable-acl-support -> configuration completes  
> without error
>     make -> compilation goes just fine
>     ./rsync --version -> indicates in capabilities NO ACL and NO  
> xattr support, so disabling ACL I've also disabled xattr (what I do  
> need because the purpose is to backup mac files that are rich on  
> ressource forks...)
> 3) ./configure --disable-acl-support --enable-xattr-support ->  
> configuration completes without error
>    make -> same acl error as in point number 1.
> This made me conclude the xattr code automatically activates the ACL  
> support. And as ACL doesn't compile on 10.3 it seems it will not  
> possible to have xattr on 10.3. Please say me that I'm wrong and  
> that there's a way to trick it.
> Perhaps a patch like the one of RsyncX, 
>  , or , but applied to the  
> last release. Note that I don't care so much about compability of  
> the 10.3 rsync I'll get and other versions. The 10.3 rsync I want to  
> compile doesn't need to talk with a rsync server, the backup will be  
> done locally on a HFS+ volume. All I want is a fast incremental  
> algorithm that preserve all the information (data and ressource fork  
> basically, permissions, dates, etc would be fine but aren't  
> mandatory) while making a copy.
> I can't use RsyncX version of rsync because it have an annoying  
> double free bug. The version found at 
>  is compiled 10.4+ only. I didn't tried to compile it on 10.3, will  
> try it next week. 
> +hfsmode/ patch approach doesn't seem the good one for me, I don't  
> want my files to be encoded as AppleDouble. And all those patch  
> aren't official. It would be a lot easier to track bugs and get it  
> progressing if it was the "official" rsync way to handle xattr.  
> Don't you think it's the better approach?--
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