Making rsync compile under Mac OS X 10.3.9 with extended attributes

Vitorio Machado v.machado at
Thu Jan 24 13:28:28 GMT 2008

Sorry about spamming the list. This update is just to say that I have  
tested solutions 1 and 2 and there is no solution:

1) If I configure with --disable-acl --enable-xattr, configure is OK  
but make can't compile xattr.c because it seems linked to ACL code...

2) The versions disponible at darwinport and fink are unpatched  
(without extended-attributes) or just avaliable for 10.4+.

So I would really need to compile it from source, if someone have a  
magic argument like --compile-on-10.3-with-xattr-without-acl...

Best regards,

Vitorio Machado

Le 24 janv. 08 à 13:25, Vitorio Machado a écrit :

> Somebody knows if it's possible to compile rsync (version 3 would be  
> great, but can be 2.6.x) under Mac OS X 10.3.9 with extended  
> attributes?
> Under OS 10.3.9 the Apple shipped rsync have not yet the -E argument  
> option. RsyncX have a double free bug that is annoying. "Q" rsync  
> 2.6.6 with extended attributes binary only works on 10.4 and above.
> I have tried to compile rsync from source but the problem I found is  
> that the xattr patch seems to need the acl patch. But 10.3 doesn't  
> have the ACL support so doesn't provides the expected headers and  
> the make command fails.
> I will try out 2 more things:
> 1) Ignore the instructions of xattr patch and do not apply the acl  
> patch before xattr (but if those instructions are there, I'm almost  
> sure it's for a good reason...)
> 2) Try to get a patched rsync via fink or darwinport
> But I would appreciate any help or feedback about compiling a  
> extended-attribute rsync on 10.3.9, even more if it's the last  
> version (meaning that rsync could still progress on those macs and  
> the development is not closed for them).
> Best regards,
> Vitorio Machado

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