rsync 3's -E and -X

Josh Durham joshdurham at
Tue Jan 22 12:23:16 GMT 2008


It might be a little late to rock this boat, but I just was turned on  
to rsync 3.

So, Apple's changes to rsync to support metadata has -E as:
         -E  --extended-attributes   copy extended attributes,  
resource forks
This was done in OS X 10.4, in April of 2005.

It looks like rsync 3 though is moving -E to -X, and changing what -E  
-X, --xattrs preserve extended attributes
-E, --executability preserve executability

Was there any thought of switching what these two flags do in rsync  
3?  If not, this will break compatibility with scripts on OS X for  
people who install rsync 3 themselves.

- Josh

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