--no-tweak-hlinked patch [preserving Mac OS X metadata in rsync backups and restores]

Moritz Heckscher moritz.heckscher at gmx.de
Sat Jan 19 04:32:01 GMT 2008

Am 2008-01-19 um 04:39 schrieb Moritz Heckscher:
> Your suggestion does indeed take care of the "doubled disk space"  
> issue nicely. It's only really possible with your very recent patch  
> regarding the --no-tweak-hlinked option, so maybe now this FAQ  
> entry could be update with the above link to your description! (By  
> the way, would this always remain a patch or eventually go into the  
> normal source?)

Sorry, I just see you've answered this before: <http:// 
Well, if it helps to convice, I'll vote for inclusion into the  
source! :-)


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