Moved/Renamed Files

Boris Toloknov tlknv at
Fri Jan 4 01:19:56 GMT 2008

It seems that rsync transfers files whose names was changed or which 
were moved to another directory since the previous synchronization. I 
think that ability not to transfer (large) files which are present on 
another computer would be very helpful. Right before rsync is going to 
transfer some large file it could check if there some other files with 
the same size ( and maybe the same mtime ) on the destination computer. 
In case if the destination computer has such files then it could be 
asked to find the file with given MD5. If it's found then there is no 
need to transfer that file. Local copy/rename/move can be performed instead.
I hope that even in worst case when where are many large files with the 
same size and mtime it will take relatively small time to perform those 
additional steps. Moreover feature could be applied only to large files 
with size >= some configurable size.
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