cwRsync on windows

Imran Hussain imranh at
Wed Jan 2 18:37:27 GMT 2008

Dear Abdul,

AFAIK, cwRsync accepts the same command line argument as rsync on Linux 
does. The only difference is that you don't have built-in SSH. You have 
three options:

1. Make your rsync run as a daemon on CentOS and then from Windows 
connect to port 873
2. Download CYGWIN and use its SSH client
3. Download DeltaCopy from 
(, which is another 
packing for rsync on Windows and has a GUI interface.


Abdul Khan wrote:
> Hi folks,
> It may be a very basic question for many people here but I have been 
> struggling with Windows commandline. My CentOS machines are running 
> perfectly fine.
> Question:
> I have installed cwRsync server on one of Windows 2003 and cwRsync 
> client on the other Windows 2003. What command should I run to connect 
> to the cwRsync server from the client? and how can I make sure that 
> cwRsync is even running. I have checked the services I could not find. 
> I also ran the netsat in windows to see what ports cwRsync is 
> listening to.
> Or can anybody direct me to a good tutorial on cwRsync.
> Thanks in advance

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