error code 10 when using ::

Gav.... brightoncomputers at
Tue Jan 1 08:44:47 GMT 2008

Hi All,

This works :

sudo rsync -rtlzv --delete root at 123.456.789.000:/var/virtual/web

This does not :

sudo rsync -rtlzv --delete root at 123.456.789.000::websites

I created a [websites] section in a new /etc/rsyncd.conf file then restarted

3 questions if I can.

1. Why does the second one not work -- I get connecion timed out and error
in socket IO (code 10) for the second one, whereas the first one works.

2. Even the one that works requires me to enter my local root password and
then the remote root password. Is this secure enough?

3. To automate the process I need to remove the need for passwords, but I do
not want to create another account on the remote server as it is a web
server housing many clients sites. The above connections wont work without
me using root at . I suppose I should connect using SSH, is there an idiot
proof guide somewhere I can look at?



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