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------- Comment #1 from wayned at  2008-02-28 16:29 CST -------
The "might be used uninitialized" warnings are because your gcc is not
understanding that exit_cleanup() does not return.  If your gcc is <= 2, then
the NORETURN modifier won't be defined, and you'd see those warnings.  If you
want to verify this, it might help to tweak the following define in rsync.h to
add an exit(42) call at the end (separated by a comma, not a semicolon):

#define exit_cleanup(code) _exit_cleanup(code, __FILE__, __LINE__), exit(42)

The unused parameter warnings are because you don't have ACL and xattr support
enabled.  I'm not inclined to try to silence those at the moment.  (I might do
so eventually.)

The "comparison between signed and unsigned" warnings have already been fixed
in the dev version (in the git repository and nighty tar files).

Thanks for testing!

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