rsync-3.0.0pre10 and iconv

sami.pitko at sami.pitko at
Thu Feb 28 10:55:11 GMT 2008

> It was failing when communicating with a daemon due to a missing
> setup_iconv() call.  The attached patch fixes this.  Thanks for
> your report!

Thanks for the patch. I can confirm that --iconv option works now
from iso8859-1 to utf-8 transfer.

It would be good to add link to convmv script into rsync --iconv 
documentation. convmv can be found from

If --iconv option is being added to existing, for example backup script,
one should prepare the destination file structure with convmv to prevent
unnecessary retransmission of "renamed" files. This is very important,
if there are characters needing conversion in top level folder names.
All files in such folders will be retransmitted due to renaming of the
top level folder.


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