Fragmentation on XFS

Rob Bosch robbosch at
Tue Feb 26 04:28:18 GMT 2008

> A local transfer needs --no-whole-file if you want it to use the rsync
> algorithm (which uses more disk I/O, so it's not the default).

I reran this test with the --no-whole-file option and received the exact
same results.  Any idea on why some much data is being sent when the files
are exactly the same on both sides?  Stats on the transfer are:

=== rsync -I --no-whole-file --port=888 -vv --compress-level=9 --stats
'/cygdrive/s/backups/*' 'rsync://svcwrsync@' ===
opening tcp connection to port 888
sending daemon args: --server -vvIz --compress-level=9 . TestXFS

total: matches=60263  hash_hits=-1173174026  false_alarms=887889770

rsync[6424] (sender) heap statistics:
  arena:         655360   (bytes from sbrk)
  ordblks:            3   (chunks not in use)
  smblks:             0
  hblks:              0   (chunks from mmap)
  hblkhd:        655360   (bytes from mmap)
  allmem:       1310720   (bytes from sbrk + mmap)
  usmblks:     20250624
  fsmblks:            0
  uordblks:     1238408   (bytes used)
  fordblks:       72312   (bytes free)
  keepcost:       62248   (bytes in releasable chunk)

Number of files: 1
Number of files transferred: 1
Total file size: 60381007872 bytes
Total transferred file size: 60381007872 bytes
Literal data: 52482277376 bytes
Matched data: 7898730496 bytes
File list size: 44
File list generation time: 0.001 seconds
File list transfer time: 0.000 seconds
Total bytes sent: 38928961023
Total bytes received: 3685406

sent 38928961023 bytes  received 3685406 bytes  1174988.20 bytes/sec
total size is 60381007872  speedup is 1.55

Execution time: 33134.571 s

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