Request for Rsync Professional Services

Venkat Cheemalakonda Venkat.Cheemalakonda at
Mon Feb 25 21:00:25 GMT 2008

We are seeing some RSync related issues (hangs, pauses, etc) in our
productions environment - we would like to seek profession services to
resolve the same at the earliest; The RSync version we are using is
2.6.4 and the constraint we have to work with is that we can't move to
latest version of RSync unless we prove with 100% confidence that the
latest version solves the problem we are seeing - what makes it
difficult is that the Rsync problem we are seeing only manifests in
production environment and all the contrived tests we attempted so far
did not help us in reproducing this in the lab environment - I
understand some bugs related to hangs and pauses are fixed in later
versions of RSync - it's a cache-22 situation, we can't move to latest
RSync version unless we prove it in the lab and we can't repro in the
lab to prove or disprove anything.
I can provide more specifics offline once we identify someone that can
provide profession services to help us debug this - We are looking for a
developer that is very familiar with RSync code and can debug the same
in a constrained environment - We are located in SF Bayarea.
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