rsync displays an number of errors when rysncing on gentoo

eial at eial at
Thu Feb 21 05:46:10 GMT 2008

On Thu 21 Feb 4:59 2008 Matt McCutchen wrote:
> On Wed, 2008-02-20 at 16:06 -0500, Mike Frysinger wrote:
> > while anything is possible, i highly doubt it.  emerge-webrsync
> > basically 
> > unpacks a tarball and then uses rsync to copy that src tree to the dest 
> > tree /usr/portage.
> [...]
> > tar jxf snapshot-xxxxxxxx.tar.bz2
> > cd snapshot-xxxxxxxx
> > rsync -av --progress --stats --delete --delete-after \
> > --exclude='/distfiles' --exclude='/packages' --exclude='/local' \
> > . /usr/portage
> Mike, I don't share your apparent assumption that emerge-webrsync is
> intrinsically less buggy than rsync.  In any case, I can only answer for
> the behavior of rsync itself, so I need to know the actual rsync command
> line.  The one you gave isn't consistent with the error message, in
> which the absolute path of the missing file doesn't have a component of
> the form "snapshot-xxxxxxxx".
> elai, perhaps you could find out the actual command line by writing an
> rsync wrapper script that prints out its arguments and getting
> emerge-webrsync to call that script instead of the real rsync
> executable.  Printing out rsync's working directory might also be
> helpful.
> Matt

I will try, I'll post any finding that I'll find, like I said, you've mentioned faulty fs which I've checked and it ass ok, now what about the kernel angle, I did heard of someone that had an issue with rsync and fixed it by recompiling its kernel, 
the question is, does it a compilation related or version of kernel related.
I'll try an boot with my other kernel image and run rsync again, I'll post my findings too.

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