Fwd: OSX universal rsync

Brendan Grieve brendan at worldguard.com.au
Thu Feb 21 01:55:46 GMT 2008

Robert DuToit wrote:
> Just an update,
> I have confirmed that rsync compiled on an intel won't work on PPC and 
> vice versa. A lot of people have both kinds of macs so it would be 
> good to have a universal binary for rsync 3.0, otherwise it means two 
> separate rsync builds. So any help on compiling a universal rsync for 
> macs would be much appreciated. The web page at ADC explains about 
> this but I don't have knowledge in that area. Thanks Rob
> ------8< snip --------------
Is such a thing possible? I would assume that the vastly different 
architecture changes between Intel and PPC would not make this possible 
unless the Mac has some form of 'emulator'?

It would be like trying to compile rsync on a Zaurus (ARM process) and 
expecting it to run on my desktop (x86_64).

Brendan Grieve

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